• A modern potato variety, the Kestrel potato was developed by renowned plant breeder Dr Jack Dunnett in 1992.
  • Kestrels are best known for their unique purple blush, a naturally occurring trait which is passed on from their parent variety, the Cara potato.
  • Perfect for mashing, roasting, boiling and frying, Kestrels are a highly versatile variety with a delicious slightly-sweet flavour. Their even, oval shape and shallow eyes allows for easy preparation.
  • A quality Aussie vegetable, Kestrels are exclusively grown and sold by SA Potato Company.
  • Recent independent testing even revealed Kestrels as the highest ranked potatoes for taste, texture and appearance when boiled or fried (SARDI 2009).
Consumer feedback on Kestrel Potatoes
  • “Top quality potato, can use for anything”
  • “Seem to have a sweeter taste”
  • “Have used them and loved them”
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